Residential Locksmith

Nashville Residential Locksmith Services

If you are moving into a new residence, whether new or previously owned, you need the peace of mind knowing that you have the only keys to your doors. The residential locksmith experts at Armstrong can re-key existing locks or provide you with any style of new locksets & deadbolts.

Call Armstrong Locksmith Nashville before you move in and stop worrying about whom else has keys to your home. Re-keying or purchasing new locks is your first line of defense against home invasion

Why you should changer rekey your locks if you are a new home owner?

It is very important to change or rekey your locks before you move in, because you don't know who has the key to your house, Do we offer re-key ? Sure we do, We  offer full residential locksmith services, if you are looking for the cheapest way possible, you can go with the rekey and what we do is, we dissemble the lock and take the cylinder out, then we will generate another key different than the original, So by re-pining the cylinder to a different combination, basically we disable the old key and it is like having a brand new lock install. But if we change the actual lock, we offer grade 1 and grade 2, we will make sure you have the best residential lock installed on your door.

thIn-Home Lock Services:

  • All Locks Keyed Alike – One key for all locks for simplicity
  • Deadbolts – Added security and protection
  • Rekey All Locks – Reduced cost than buying all new hardware
  • Install All New Matching Handle Sets – Match updated decor
  • Sliding Glass Door Locks – Update outdated locking mechanisms
  • High security bump proof Residential Deadbolts
  • E-Plex Series Locks – Electronic locks and keypad devises
  • Offering extra home security tips and install extra entry surface 
  • Wireless and fingerprint deadbolt designed to protect your house

Lockout Service

Can’t get in? This is frustrating when you find yourself locked out of your house and have no extra keys to get back in, We are Here to help, We will let you back in the house without damaging your locks and if you have no keys we can make another key from scratch and match the rest of the house lock with the new key with just 15.00 Dollars extra for each lock, We are confident we can pick any residential and commercial lock without damaging the hardware. 

 With one call or text, we can be there in 45 minutes or less to get you back in your house without damaging your door or locks. Call or text us at 615-625-8000 or email us at